Raw Vegan Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate Pie on Goji Crust


Fall is here! This raw pie definitely matches – color wise – and I didn’t even plan on it. I have been researching all kinds of crusts for raw pies, but most of them use dates mixed with variety of different things. I don’t really like dates because they’re too sweet for me so I was trying to think what else I could use to make it work. I don’t like raisins, I don’t normally buy cherries…And then it hit me! Goji berries! Full of every possible goodness you can think of for your body, so why not?


Like I said, I wasn’t even thinking about the color because I was so excited about using gojis. The color was a sweet bonus. Also, this was my first time using soaked cashews for the filling too and I must say now I know why they’re used so much in raw pies/tarts. Perfect texture and not too much taste that would mix with other ingredients. All right, let’s get down to what’s in it. Who loves peanut butter? ME! Chocolate? DUH! Banana? YEAAA! I mean, you just can’t go wrong here. Fall colors? Check. Go make it!




1 cup goji berries – soaked for 10 minuts

1 cup oat flour – simply blend oats in food processor


1 cup cashews – soaked for 5 hours

1 banana

1 tbs cacao powder

1/4 cup peanut butter – I made my own

1 tbs brown rice syrup – feel free to use maple/agave syrup or honey

Optional – roasted cashews and goji berries for topping.


Soak cashews 4-6 hours prior to making the pie. Soak goji berries and start gathering all the ingredients. Use oat flour or make your own in food processor. After gojis have been soaking for about 10 minutes add them to the oat flour in food processor and blend until everything is well combined. Press into pie pan using fingers or a wet spoon – I used a 9 inch pan. Press firmly on the bottom and sides, bringing higher on the sides. Put into freezer while making filling. Prepare filling by blending all the ingredients in food processor or blender. Take the pan out of freezer and pour the filling in, smoothing with spatula. Make it pretty with toppings of choice, fold sides inwardΒ a little and put into freezer for 1-2 hours. Once firm enough to cut, keep in the fridge. Don’t forget the most important step – cut up and share with loved ones. Enjoy!



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