Goji and Pecan Homemade Vegan Chocolate/Fudge


Hi everyone! Don’t you just LOVE how imperfectly perfect homemade food looks? I love making and creating things that taste great, are healthy, and look, well, imperfectly perfect in a sense that they may not have the shape/size everyone expects them to have based on their commercially made counterparts. When you look at them you can tell someone’s hands worked hard to create them and put time and effort into them.

I have been waiting to make flavored chocolate since I make regular one all the time and once I saw Ella’sΒ post on Instagram yesterday I just had to make some.

Vegan chocolate is really easy to make, unless you want to beΒ fancy and make it all perfect looking (read store-bought-like). Most recipes online will tell you to use equal amounts of coconut oil, cacao powder and a sweetener (maple syrup, agave syrup or brown rice syrup). Mix, pour, chill and you’re done. I find this ratio too sweet. I tried it with maple syrup and it was just too much.

So, I usually put 1 part coconut oil : 1 part cacao powder : 1/2 part sweetener since I love dark chocolate and don’t mind the bitterness. Play with it, change it up, make it your own. Keep in mind every sweetener is different and you may have to adjust the levels. I think brown rice syrup is the mildest in terms of sweetness. I’m a huge believer in personalizing recipes because everyone has different preferences and at the end of the day I want you to like what you put in your mouth πŸ™‚

Simple tip: keep adding cacao powder until you get a nice creamy texture. I used to only put enough for the mixture to look like chocolate, but not have the consistency so the texture of the finished product was a bit off. I melt coconut oil first, then add maple syrup and leave cacao powder for the end. I tried it once with maple syrup as last and I got a weird caramel-like gooey thingie…in a bad way caramel-like haha.

Extras? Whatever you please! I put pecans and gojis this time, but I can’t wait to play with orange flavor as that has always been my favorite.

As always, once chilled, cut up and share with loved ones. Enjoy!

P.S.: The next time your child/ren ask you for sweets you know you’re feeding them a healthy alternative.



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