Vegan Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cups


I’ve decided to finally post this recipe since NO ONE has ever posted it πŸ˜€

The thing is, my co-worker got a pound of Reese’s cups as one of his Secret Santa gifts and I knew I had to make these the same day. I just had to. Because once I made these I never went back.

There are different kinds of recipes out there, but I like to keep it simple. It’s really not hard to make themΒ and they’re wonderful and nutritious! You only need 4Β ingredients and lots of love – coconut oil, cacao powder, maple syrup and peanuts (or pre-made peanut butter). I posted about making your own chocolate in the previous recipe, so click here for the ratios.

Step 1: make your chocolate – duh πŸ˜€

Simple tip: keep adding cacao powder until you get a nice creamy texture. I used to only put enough for the mixture to look like chocolate, but not have the consistency so the texture of the finished product was a bit off. Now, I melt coconut oil first, then add maple syrup and leave cacao powder for the end. I tried it once with maple syrup as last and I got a weird caramel-like gooey thingie…in a bad way caramel-like haha.


Step 2: Fill the bottom of your molds with a bit of chocolate and put into freezer for about 15 minutes to harden. Then add peanut butter – I make mine at home, but you can use whatever you’d like. If you want to make your own just throw peanuts into your food processor and wait until it gets the desired consistency.


Step 3: Cover all of the peanut butter with more chocolate. I usually squish the molds around the sides a bit so that the chocolate gets into every part of the cup and the surface is nice and smooth. You can add any garnish on top – I putΒ a peanut on.


Step 4: Let set in the freezer and then store in the fridge in an air-tight container.

Last, but not least, serve to your loved ones!

PS: I had leftover chocolate and made some more treats. Stay tuned!


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