Sweet Treats

IMG_2386-1Apple Cinnamon Vegan Bread Pudding

IMG_2367-1Decadent Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

IMG_2355-1Watermelon Shaved Ice

DSC_3757-1Chocolate Almond Fruit Wraps

#chia # puddingWhite and Blue Chia Pudding

IMG_1604-1Mint Klondike Ice Cream

IMG_1579-1Oat, Almond, Coconut Cookies

IMG_1077-1Raw Thumbprint Cookies

IMG_1106-1Chocolate Chips

IMG_1056-1Cashew Mango Popsicles

IMG_1149-1Banana Pudding

IMG_0965-1Green Matcha Cheesecake

IMG_0595-112 Ingredient Blueberry Ice Cream

IMG_0556-1Crispy Rice Chocolate Bar

IMG_0477-1Raw Maca Squares

IMG_0395-1Traditional Slovak Buchty

IMG_0326-1Raw Strawberry Jam

IMG_0292-1Strawberry Coconut Personal Tarts

IMG_0191-1Chocolate Covered Popcorn

IMG_0153-1Chia and Pecan Banana Bread

IMG_0078-1Raw Coffee Cheesecake

IMG_9988Orange Mint Vegan Scones

IMG_0038Orange Coconut Bliss Balls

IMG_9850Raspberry Spinach Brownies

IMG_9627Chocolate Mousse w/o Avocado

IMG_9581Lemon Cupcakes


IMG_8772aChocolate Covered Oranges

IMG_8869aQuinoa Blissballs

IMG_8596Power Chocolate

IMG_8575titlePeanut Butter Chocolate Cups

IMG_8459aRaw Fudge

pie4Raw Pie

IMG_8178Granola Bars

coconutbites2Coconut Bites

cupcakesRed Velvet Cupcakes


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